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Review: The Chernobyl Privileges by Alex Lockwood

I am so impressed by my fellow book launch author's powerful and moving environmental novel, 'The Chernobyl Privileges,' that I have decided to review it for my blog. I thoroughly recommend it to readers looking for a good read with a strong storyline and who are also interested in the effects on the lives of ordinary people of the decisions that governments, politicians and organisations make. So here goes... Review: The Chernobyl Privileges by Alex Lockwood This is a novel about bonds: those of blood and those that bind particles in the nucleus of an atom – and about the forces that break each apart. It is narrated from the point of view of Anthony, both in the current narrative time and during his childhood and shows how incidents in his adult life force him to face what happened in the past. It deals sensitively with that instinct for self-preservation that causes distance to open up between people. The moments when Anthony could have drawn closer to those he love

Launch Barnard Castle, 6th December

JOINT EVENT: PRE-LAUNCH of O Man of Clay by Eliza Mood and LAUNCH of The Chernobyl Privileges by Alex Lockwood 'O Man of Clay' was previewed on the 6th December 2019 prior to its launch on 16th January 2020. Alex Lockwood and I read extracted from our books at an event held in Barnard Castle at the Guild room, the Parish hall of St. Mary's Church. The evening was hosted by No. 5 Coffee Shop and Curlews Books - a wonderful bookshop with an imaginative proprieter: second hand and new, sofas and table and coffees in lively surroundings with a hum of talk and much going on. The occasion was the Christmas meeting of Teesdale Action on Climate Transition. As well as readings from the two books, my editor, Rose Drew of Stairwell books chaired a talk about the contribution literature might make to the climate debate among other matters: Alex, Rose and I talked and the audience got involved. School gardens were raised and dug over. Robin Dale sang some great Teesdale songs by Gr