'O Man of Clay': the journey

This is a website with a blog about being a debut writer. My novel, 'O Man of Clay,' was previewed on the 6th December 2019 ready for its 2020 launch. I hope to reach the odd reader or two.

Stairwell Books, my fabulous York publisher begins a year of publishing women. Here is a link to their books:  





I've spent many years in teaching and lecturing in Northumberland, Durham and at the University of Cumbria. My subjects are English, language and literature and creative writing. I'm now having a go at writing as a day job.

I was assisted to edit and self-publish my first novel, 'Giving up Architecture,' by Seaglass Books and this experience gave me the confidence to keep going. Vagabond Voices which publishes books with a political and philosophical dimension, gave me patient encouragement to keep going, too. Links to these publishers are on the sidebar of the blog.

Having just been traditionally published for the first time, I know I am in for a lot of hard work. Still, the book is published and I've embarked on a year of steering it through the high seas hoping for a fair wind.