Novel 'O Man of Clay.' After sea-level rise.

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County Durham, United Kingdom
'O Man of Clay,' set in Hartlepool and Siberia in the near future while the tundra is thawing and the sea level rising, was published in January 2020 by Stairwell Books.

Friday 17 January 2020

Talks and workshops coming up

During the next two weeks, i'm in Hexham for talks and workshops: all experience and none welcome. See 'Events' for details.

About the Phil and Lit

The Phil & Lit is an institute for lifelong learning; a library and study space; a meeting hub for like-minded people; a place to work, be creative, to learn and to discuss. They offer courses, workshops, lectures and events on topics such as Philosophy, Creative Writing, Psychology, Music, Art History and Mindfulness. With offices in both Carlisle and Hexham, they share a love of knowledge and learning at The Phil & Lit, and their aim is to share that with the people of these towns and beyond. Please visit for more details.

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