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Talks and workshops coming up

During the next two weeks, i'm in Hexham for talks and workshops: all experience and none welcome. See 'Events' for details. About the Phil and Lit The Phil & Lit is an institute for lifelong learning; a library and study space; a meeting hub for like-minded people; a place to work, be creative, to learn and to discuss. They offer courses, workshops, lectures and events on topics such as Philosophy, Creative Writing, Psychology, Music, Art History and Mindfulness. With offices in both Carlisle and Hexham, they share a love of knowledge and learning at The Phil & Lit, and their aim is to share that with the people of these towns and beyond. Please visit for more details.


Thanks to Peter Woods of HexhamTV for livestreaming 'O Man of Clay' Booklaunch event at the Vault! HERE IS THE VIDEO:   HexhamTV 'O Man of Clay' Booklaunch It was a marathon. Great venue. Great guest performers. Thanks Ben Haslam for hosting and my publisher, Rose Drew of Stairwell Books, for compering with aplomb and reading poems as a special guest, too. Thanks to all of my guests—George Unthank, Kevin Tilbury, Pauline Plummer and Robin Dale—and to Alan Gillott of Stairwell Books for running the Bookstall and appearing as a special guest poet. You are stars, one and all. Also thanks to Valdis for taking care of the technical stuff. And to all of you who came to our underground venue to join in the proceedings. Despite the fact that I seem on 'TV' to be clutching a motley sheaf of disparate papers and not a book at all, it was grand.   (See 'Press and Media' for a video of the evening)  World’s End A

Dan Bloom interviews me on Cli-Fi

The thoughtful Dan Bloom believes that fiction can do stuff in the world and needs to shake hands with science.  The future for cli-fi: interview with Dan Bloom Dan has a blogspot for writers and readers of cli-fi fiction and was good enough to do an interview of yours truly:…/meet-cli-fi-novelist-eli… Dan Bloom interviews Eliza Mood This is my interview with Dan:  DAN:   Your  cli-fi novel ‘O Man of Clay’ is set in Hartlepool, UK. For those not familiar with your region of the UK, where is hartlepool and why is your novel set there? ELIZA:  Hartlepool and the North bank of the Tees caught my imagination when, as a young teacher, I lived nearby. The old city of Hartlepool, on the East coast of Northern England and on the estuary of the river Tees began as an Anglo-Saxon monastery and later became a mediaeval walled city. Nearby, iron and coalmines fed the British Empire but its traditional industries - fishing, steel and magnesium pro


Drake the Bookshop, Stockton On Saturday 25th January during the day I'll be inhabiting Drake the Bookshop in Stockton and reading from and signing my debut climate change novel ‘O Man of Clay.’ The novel, a speculative fable set in Hartlepool in the near future imagines the lives of  inhabitants of the shore who find themselves almost cut off by a rapidly rising wall. Come and meet me, have a chat about books, writing, reading, Hartlepool and the climate crisis or whatever strikes you.