Novel 'O Man of Clay.' After sea-level rise.

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County Durham, United Kingdom
'O Man of Clay,' set in Hartlepool and Siberia in the near future while the tundra is thawing and the sea level rising, was published in January 2020 by Stairwell Books.

Sunday 14 November 2021

 Gather round and i'll tell you a story about some of the animals - some human apes - who forgot all about our common ancestor's warnings when we took different paths through the forest. They didn't think to clean up after themselves. We've been doing it for them. When they come knocking on our door, we'll have to break it to them. We'll go on doing our best, but only if they become like us again and really mean it, will they be around to see how it all shakes down. 

'O Man of Clay'available at Stairwell Books or wherever you buy or order your books.

What's Happening?

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