Novel 'O Man of Clay.' After sea-level rise.

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County Durham, United Kingdom
'O Man of Clay,' set in Hartlepool and Siberia in the near future while the tundra is thawing and the sea level rising, was published in January 2020 by Stairwell Books.

Friday 19 November 2021


Thinking of a friend gone,

spilt leaves along a field edge

rising close-by to a long curve. 

There. A shape cut out of sky. 

Moments pass. The silhouette 

 slots into place.  Single-tine antlers, 

looking, one ear turning, letting 

time sift the air between us.

A dog barks in the wood below 

and in her own time, a launch, legs

crooked, still in the air, again and 

again. Stops. Looks. Doe? We.


(C) Eliza Mood

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